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Welcome to Belinscott Bookkeeping

Belinscott provides cloud-based bookkeeping and accounting services for business owners who desire high-level customer service unmatched in the industry.

From new businesses just starting up, to well-established companies with complex bookkeeping and accounting needs, we take the headache out of balancing the books, so you can focus on what’s important: Your bottom line.

At Belinscott, we know customer service and the needs of business owners. If you want responsive communication, experience and expertise, and accurate bookkeeping services, completed on time, every time, enjoy the Belinscott difference.

Have peace of mind and allow us to deal with the details and to ensure your books are accurate, current, and maintained by the best and most-talented experts in the industry. Belinscott takes the headache out of balancing the books, so you don’t have to.

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About Belinscott Bookkeeping

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About Belinscott Bookkeeping

Belinscott is a cloud-based bookkeeping and consulting company with over 25 years of experience with a wide range of businesses, across several industries. Belinscott was founded by Belinda Harford-Howell and Dr. Scott Howell with a singular vision of providing the best customer service and bookkeeping in the field.

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About Belinda Harford-Howell

As a master bookkeeper and QBO expert, frustrated with poor bookkeeping practices and lack of responsiveness to clients, Belinda conceptualized Belinscott as a bookkeeping company focused solely on customer service, responsiveness, and accurate files so you have tangible data to focus on what counts. Belinda has 30 years of bookkeeping experience in several industries, from construction, restaurants, start-up businesses, law firms, medical, and real estate, disaster recovery to e-commerce businesses. As such, her focus on client satisfaction has built a well-established reputation of impeccable customer service, problem solving, and customer satisfaction. Belinda is a highly skilled forensic bookkeeper and certified QuickBooks Online Pro-Advisor, who has decades of experience identifying bookkeeping errors, working closely with CPAs for tax preparation, and cleaning up multiple years of incorrect reporting.

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About Dr. Scott Howell

Dr. Scott Howell Founder, Professor Dr. Howell is a professor of the health sciences and a renowned hormone expert, with wide ranging experience in advanced statistical analysis in clinical research.

Belinscott Services

QBO Training

Accurate bookkeeping records are a mainstay of modern business and when errors occur, this can have deleterious effects on your bottom line. At Belinscott, we provide meaningful QuickBooks Online (QBO) training to bookkeepers, who need to increase their knowledge QBO, sharpen bookkeeping skills, and gain efficiency in maintaining accurate financial records.

Ideal for businesses with in-house bookkeepers, who need a working knowledge of QBO, as well as practical application of bookkeeping principles on the QBO platform. Let us show you the insider tips, important QBO software functions, and key bookkeeping principles to increase your productivity and accuracy of files.

Account Cleanup QBO Online

Maintaining current financial bookkeeping is vital for all businesses, allowing stakeholders to determine quickly the financial status of their company in real-time and to make business decisions based on actionable data.

Ideal for businesses with financial bookkeeping that has fallen behind. Allow us to clean up your QBO file and ensure the data is accurate and current, aligning to bookkeeping and accounting best practices.

Monthly Bookkeeping

Many start-up businesses and even well-established small businesses lack the time and bookkeeping knowledge to document and maintain accurate financial records each month. Failure to set-up and maintain accurate QBO files can lead to major headaches during yearly tax preparation.

Other businesses struggle with accounts receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP), along with payroll. We understand the problems businesses face on a daily basis and provide full service AR, AP, and payroll.

Let us provide the ongoing monthly maintenance of QBO files for your business, which includes set-up and categorization of bank feeds, and reconciliation of all bank accounts, credit cards, and liability accounts.

Ideal for businesses that need monthly bookkeeping, full service AR-AP, and/or employee payroll.

Year End Tax Prep

Tax preparation at the end of the year is one of the most stressful times for businesses, especially for start-ups and small businesses.

Let us take the stress out of your tax preparation and ensure your financial bookkeeping records in QBO are accurate and current for a smooth handover to your CPA.

Ideal for any business that requires accurate and up-to-date financial files for year-end tax preparation.

Business Startup Consulting

We will discuss your start up bookkeeping needs according to the size and type of your business to enable you to start off and maintain best practice bookkeeping

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